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Slimming: the number of meals does not matter Not true. Although what you eat is important, in weight loss the number of meals and their frequency is equally important. If you eat three times a day, the probability that you get fat is greater than if you distribute the same for 4-5 servings. At a reduced frequency the body is making energy supplies. If you get used to 5 meals eaten at the same time, he will not be tempted to "just in case", he will consume nutrients on a regular basis. Thanks to regularity, they will be better spent. Leaving, for example, breakfast causes the accumulation of energy reserves, i.e. adipose tissue. Slimming: dinner must be eaten at 18 Not necessarily. At this time of the day, those who are going to sleep early should eat the last meal. The thing is that from supper to bed should be 2.5-3 hours. That's how much time you have to give the body to digest the meal. During sleep, the metabolism is slowed down. It is important that the dinner is lightly digestible - it can be a portion of protein (eg fish) and vegetables. The loading of the digestive system forces the pancreas to increase the production of enzymes, and the liver - to produce bile. Weight loss: stress is easily addicted to sweets Truth. Under stress, as the result of the increased production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, blood pressure rises and the heart works faster. At the same time, the level of serotonin - the hormone responsible for good mood - drops. The liver begins to release more and more glucose into the blood, and the pancreas to break it down increases insulin production. When you drop the level of sugar in the blood, wanting to make it up, you reach for sweets. It is sugar which quickly satisfies hunger and gives a sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, there is excess glucose in the blood again, so the pancreas starts to produce more insulin ... etc. When these situations are often repeated, it's easy to become addicted to sweets. References: 1. Blog Abnehmen 2. Blog Dimagrante 3. Scapackaging 4.
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